TThe Advocacy Team at the Florida Retail Federation advocates for the 270,000 retail businesses in the Sunshine State.

We pursue legislative proposals and changes that benefit and strengthen Florida’s retail industry. In addition, we monitor legislative activity and testify for or against proposals that impact Florida retail businesses because we know a healthy retail marketplace creates jobs and drives the growth of many other industries, including manufacturing, distribution, transportation, shipping, real estate and construction.


Public policy priorities include:

  • High-quality jobs for Florida families
  • Free market that supports Florida businesses and Florida consumers
  • Level playing field that does not favor foreign businesses
  • Low-tax environment where Florida businesses and Florida families can keep more of what they earn
  • Safe communities
  • Protections against organized crime at retail stores
  • Strong tourism to draw visitors and consumers Increased access to health care for consumers

If you have invested your resources in our set of Political Action Committees (PAC) in the past, we thank you and ask that you continue and consider increasing your level of participation. If you have never contributed to our campaign efforts, now is the time to star and to commit to an annual contribution to help us represent you at the highest level.

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