Thursday, 27 October 2016 11:04

5 Things Millennials Expect from Retailers

Retailers love to talk about “Millennials” — but how successfully are they reaching this consumer group, and what can brands do to target young consumers more effectively? At Retail’s Digital Summit, Gabbi Baker of OgilvyOne Worldwide and PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Hunter Thomas — both Millennials themselves — went “beyond the meme” to offer proven tactics for engaging younger shoppers.

Although broadly defined as consumers aged 18-34, the Millennial group encompasses many different personas, all of which retailers need to address. From mavens (Millennial moms) to skeptics, one message definitely does not fit all. Therefore, retailers need to focus on what potential customers who fall into this bracket want from their shopping experiences, and tailor their offerings accordingly.

Baker and Thomas waded through mountains of research on the Millennial generation (much of which is contradictory) and drew on their own opinions to outline five things Millennials expect from retailers: read more

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