During the FRF/FPMA Fall Meeting and Retail Summit, Linda Edwards, Esq., a member of the Employment & Labor team from FRF Chairman’s Circle member, Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell, hosted a session focused on the recent federal Department of Labor overtime regulations to clarify the issue for members and what it could mean for your business. For those who couldn’t attend the Summit, we felt her presentation, and the implications on Florida businesses, were important enough for us to share with our entire membership. So below is a link to her comments, powerpoint and questions from membership. We hope you’ll find this helpful as you prepare your business accordingly:

Getting Ready for Changes: What You Need to Know for Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance

What is covered?

  • The Major provisions of the FLSA
  • How to properly classify employees
  • Major misconceptions about the FLSA
  • Best practices for complying with existing and new rules
  • The benefits of an proactive FLSA audit.

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It is that time of year again - time to post your OSHA 300A form. Here are the forms needed for OSHA compliance.

As a reminder, they are:

  1. the 300 form for recording your 2015 injuries and illnesses; and
  2. the 300A form for summarizing your 300 form from 2014. The 300A form must be posted in a prominent place from February 1 through April 30.

All forms must be maintained for 5 years.

Please remember that failure to comply with the posting requirement could result in an OSHA fine of at least $4,000.

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