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The Restaurant

CVI.CHE 105 is a seven-­‐year award-­‐winning Peruvian restaurant located in the cosmopolitan city of Miami. Known for their vast selection of creative and unique ceviches, among several other traditional dishes, CVI.CHE 105 has risen to represent Peruvian gastronomy in one of the most important destinations in the United States, conquering the most demanding palates locally and nationwide.

Juan Chipoco

Juan Chipoco was born in Lima, Peru. Since his childhood, he was always surrounded by the tasty aromas of his mother and grandmother culinary creations, homemade traditional food made with love, which inspired him to follow the path into the culinary world later in his life. Early in his teens, he began to develop a sense of example for his young siblings due to the loss of his father, facing hardship but learning that, with hard work, everything is possible, laying the base for what today is his main life credo.

In 1988, Juan traveled to the US in search for what many immigrants look for; the American dream, an opportunity for success, stability and most importantly, a better quality of life for his family. He worked in different industries but mainly in the restaurant industry, learning every single position in a restaurant, from dishwasher to manager, until he decided to open his own restaurant, along with friend & partner Luis Hoyos.

They bought La Cibeles in 2007, a small Cuban restaurant in Downtown Miami. As expected, the first few months were challenging due in part to the neighborhood, which at that time was still old and with not too many businesses, but despite of this, they decided to continue; decision that will make them pioneers in what today is the ongoing renovation of Downtown Miami.

In 2008, plans for the second stage of the project were underway, the transition from Cuban cuisine to Peruvian cuisine. In order to accomplish this, Juan traveled to Peru to study in ‘Institución Educativa Discovery’. He received a culinary degree that would enable him to bring the flavors of his land to the US. After a brief culinary tour in Peru, Juan returned to Miami and achieved the ambitious goal of taking the city by surprise with his latest project, the transformation of La Cibeles into CVI.CHE 105.

CVI.CHE 105 became a known hotspot in South Florida surprisingly fast due to its traditional Peruvian dishes but most notoriously, for its ceviches. People began to spread the word about a new hip & modern seafood place downtown where the flavors of Peru were truly honored and the service was outstanding. In 2010, Juan and partner Luis Hoyos decided to expand CVI.CHE 105 to cope with the non-­‐stop growing demand of customers in search for a taste of Peruvian cuisine.

In 2012, Juan and his partner came up with a second restaurant concept after the huge success of CVI.CHE 105. Bringing back the memories of those small spots that served different types of flavorful meats, as well as a special memory of his brother-­‐in-­‐law, inspired him to create Pollos & Jarras and Wasska Lounge. Pollos & Jarras was a different concept, combining a laid-­‐back chicha-­‐style design and traditional Peruvian rotisserie chicken as well as other meats, sandwiches, barbecues and more. On the other hand, Wasska Lounge became CVI.CHE 105’s premium lounge, a beautifully decorated place where Inca-­‐style ropes and booths meet the freshness of vertical gardens to create a unique space for any kind of event.

Witnessing the growing popularity of CVI.CHE 105, Pollos & Jarras and Wasska Lounge, Juan and partner Luis Hoyos decided that it was time for the next step resulting in plans for CVI.CHE 105’s second location, this time at the internationally known Lincoln Road Mall in South Beach. Preparations took several months in order to achieve perfection in every single aspect, from the interior design to the service. By October 2014, CVI.CHE 105 South Beach opened its doors with an exclusive party for friends, including celebrities, TV personalities and family.

Since then, Juan Chipoco has been reinforcing his main life credo, working non-­‐stop to take the group to the next level of professionalism, becoming an influential personality in Miami’s culinary world and providing opportunities for hundreds of people, who just like him, seek a better life through moral ethics and hard-­‐work.

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