T The Florida Retail Federation has historically been a major participant in political campaigns and leadership funds. Using the resources entrusted to us by our members, we provide tangible support to candidates for political office who share our pro-business, pro-retail philosophy.

Your participation is critical to our success
If you have invested your resources in our set of Political Action Committees (PAC) in the past, we thank you and ask that you continue and consider increasing your level of participation. If you have never contributed to our campaign efforts, now is the time to start…and to commit to an annual contribution to help us represent you at the highest level. To encourage maximum participation, we have developed a new PAC Membership Program (PMP) we believe will deliver a new level of information and increased opportunity for involvement. This new PMP allows members to choose their level of financial investment. Members investing at higher levels will receive additional benefits.

PAC Structure

Membership in the FRFPAC
Email updates on political events
Invitation to local political events
Invitation to all FRFPAC events
Representation on the Council that approves & directs all FRF political giving

*All levels must also be a member in good standing of FRF