BBelow is a list of legislative issues that the Florida Retail Federation’s Advocacy Team focuses on each year. This diverse and comprehensive list - which was created based solely on feedback from our members - highlights the concerns and needs of retail businesses in Florida and ensuring they remain successful.

Each Fall, during our Retail Summit, FRF leadership outlines some of the issues facing Florida’s retail industry and develops a Legislative Agenda based on feedback from our members. Once approved by our Board of Directors, the Agenda serves as the foundation for our lobbying and advocacy efforts during the next legislative session.

We are proud of our legislative impact and successes in recent years, and we look forward to working with the Governor's Office and state legislators on passing business-friendly legislation that will benefit our members and strengthen Florida's retail industry.

Good for Retail


  • RETAIN PREEMPTIONS | We support current Florida laws that require regulation of plastic, paper bags, and polystyrene at the state level and preempt local regulations that would create a patchwork of regulations throughout the state.
  • MAINSTREET FAIRNESS | FRF continues to support the collection of sales tax on internet sales by remote sellers. This issue needs to be addressed at the Federal level and we encourage Congress to act immediately.
  • COMMERCE CLAUSE | We support legislation that would preempt to the state legislature all issues that impact commerce within the state. This would create an inviting business climate for new business while protecting the businesses who have already invested in our state.
  • ACCURACY IN DAMAGES | We believe injured parties should recover based on their actual losses and real expenses, not inflated or deceptive numbers. We support legislation that allows the juries in personal injury cases to see real numbers and issue verdicts based on those real numbers.
  • WORKERS’ COMPENSATION REFORM | We support reforms to Florida’s Workers’ Compensation system that will address concerns created by recent Florida Supreme Court decisions, decrease rates for Florida’s employers, and maintain balance in the system.
  • RENEWABLE ENERGY EFFORTS | We support the continued efforts to provide options to retailers in Florida regarding renewable energy.
  • STRICTER PENALTIES FOR ORGANIZED RETAIL CRIME | Retailers support legislation that would create stricter penalties for organized retail crime, aggregate repeated misdemeanors and felonies, and ban the use of GPS jammers used in cargo theft.
  • GROCERY/CONVENIENCE STORE DELIVERY/PICKUP OF ALCOHOL | We support legislation that would clarify existing law on the delivery of alcohol.


  • BUSINESS RENT TAX REFORM | Florida is the only state that assesses a sales tax on commercial real estate leases. Last year, a .2% reduction was implemented. FRF supports continued efforts to repeal the tax, reduce the tax rate, modify the taxable base, or any combination thereof, in order to lessen this tax burden on Florida’s retailers.
  • SALES TAX HOLIDAYS | Back to School; Disaster Preparedness; We encourage the Governor and legislators to continue to fund Sales Tax Holidays. Studies have shown that they drive consumers to retailers during those specific times, and they are a direct benefit to the taxpayers.
  • BAD DEBT SALES TAX REFUND | This is a continuation of the legislation that passed in 2014, which allows for 64% of sales taxes remitted on private label credit card bad debts to be refunded in the same manner as the taxes refunded on bad debts resulting from revolving or installment sales credit transactions. We support funding for the additional 36% of the tax.


  • MANDATORY REPORTING & CHECKING OF THE PDMP BY DOCTORS | We support the Legislature requiring the doctors who write prescriptions for a controlled substance to check the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program before writing the prescription and to report their dose into the program.
  • STREP & FLU TESTS IN PHARMACY | We support legislation that would allow strep and flu tests to be administered and the conditions treated by a pharmacist.
  • LIMITS ON FIRST PRESCRIPTION FILLS | We support legislation that would limit first fills on opioid scripts.
  • TELEHEALTH | We support legislation that would increase the use of TeleHealth with pharmacists and allow for payment of services.
  • MANDATORY E-PRESCRIBING | We support requiring prescribers to use E-prescribing, thus significantly reducing fraud and errors with prescription pads.

Bad for Retail


  • INCREASE STATE MINIMUM WAGE | We oppose any legislation that would increase the state minimum wage.
  • INCREASE IN MINIMUM THRESHOLD FOR FELONIES | Retailers would oppose any legislation that would increase the minimum threshold for felonies.
  • RESTRICTING THE SALE OF A LEGAL PRODUCT | We oppose any legislation or regulation that restricts the retail sale of a legal product.
  • PREDICTIVE SCHEDULING | We oppose any legislation that would dictate to a retailer the manner in which they should schedule their employees.
  • PRE-ARREST DIVERSION PROGRAMS | These programs allow law enforcement officers to issue civil citations to adults who commit nonviolent misdemeanor offenses. FRF opposes this legislation when there is no system in place to track first offenses, therefore the person could become a perpetual first offender and continue in retail theft.
  • PRE-JUDGEMENT INTEREST | We oppose legislation that would allow for the award of prejudgment interest in any action in which plaintiff recovers monetary damages.
  • MANDATING THE SALE OF A LEGAL PRODUCT | We oppose any legislation or regulation mandating retailers to sell certain products.
  • OPEN CARRY | We would oppose any legislation that would infringe upon retailers property rights.
  • REGULATIONS ON FRANCHISOR/ FRANCHISEE AGREEMENT | We oppose any legislation that put regulations on franchisor/franchise agreements.
  • INCREASING YOUR UTILITY BILL INITIALLY TO SUPPORT EXPLORATIONS OF NATURAL GAS | Retailers oppose any legislation that would allow utilities to explore for natural gas outside the state while consumers pay 100% of the cost of this venture.
  • DE-REGULATION OF COSMETOLOGY, BARBERS & HAIRDRESSERS | We oppose reductions in required education hours for cosmetologists and barbers.
  • GROCERY/CONVENIENCE STORE ONLINE SALES AND/OR RESTRICTION OF LOTTERY SALES | We oppose the sale of lottery tickets online as well as any restrictions on sales amounts in the stores.
  • RESTRICTING ELIGIBLE SNAP BENEFITS | We oppose any legislation that would put restrictions on eligible SNAP benefits and deviate from federal standards.