Basic Tip: Initial customer interaction is crucial to not only providing a welcoming shopping experience but setting the first impression of sales floor awareness and deterring a shoplifter.

Advanced Tip: Sincere re-engagement of customers throughout their shopping experience is also important to both sales and deterrence of shoplifting behavior. The more specific you can be regarding the customer’s selection, the better the deterrence.

Basic Tip: Physical security of your data (register along with company proprietary information) is equally important to physical security of people and inventory. Consider implementing a visitor/vendor policy that defines when a visitor/vendor can come into your store, what a visitor/vendor can/cannot do in your store and more importantly how they obtain access into your store.

Advanced Tip: Vendor access to your stores should be more restrictive than a “visitor,” since a visitor can be defined as a company representative or government official. Vendor access to your store should ONLY be pre-approved and should be confirmed before access is granted. For example: An approved vendor list, a contract to provide services or product to sell, a work order for repairs and/or approval from a company representative. If a vendor cannot be confirmed then they should not be granted access to the store and should be turned away immediately.

Wednesday, 06 April 2016 21:10

4-7-2016 - FRF's Weekly Loss Prevention Tips

Basic Tip: Have a designated area in the back room that is only meant to Receive/check in merchandise from vendors.

Advanced Tip: Having a robust audit/check in procedure for receiving freight will not only lower operational shrink but act as a deterrent to “Vendor Fraud.”

Thursday, 08 October 2015 11:52

10-8-2015 LP Tip

Basic Tip: Receiving of shipment should occur through the same door no matter the vendor.

Advanced Tip: Require receiving doors to be closed immediately following a deliver, or pull a wire mesh gate across the opening if the door must be left open for ventilation. Keep the Gate padlocked or alarmed.