Basic Tip: Added fitting room controls are a tool to use to deter shoplifting – such as closing/locking doors when rooms are not in use, maximum limit of items that can go into the room, employees must place merchandise and customer in room – are all good ideas of how to maintain control of the fitting rooms.

Advanced Tip: If your employee is the person to place both the customer and merchandise in the room, the employee will have a great idea of what is in the room. This is an opportunity to not only deter shoplifting or possibly recover the concealed merchandise – but also for the selling opportunity as well.

Thursday, 01 October 2015 15:08

10-1-2015 LP Tip

Basic Tip: Engagement of all customers who enter the store is the best way to deter possible shoplifting.

Advance Tip: Specific engagement, also called a recovery statement, is the best way to engage a possible shoplift who has concealed merchandise to attempt to retrieve the stolen goods back.