Update 1-14-2015 - Yesterday, several articles were published by members of the media regarding the Florida Retail Federation's long-held position on maintaining a structured system of alcoholic beverage sales. There is now public confusion over the steps which Florida Retail, on behalf of its Retail Beverage Council, has taken to initiate a rule-making process with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

FRF and its members see a need to clarify DBPR's requirements which allow certain retailers to be granted alcohol licenses based on their ability to boost tourism numbers. This type of license was initially created solely for amusement parks, attraction venues, and other locations that bring in tourists and provide tax dollars to the state. Since then, the marketplace has changed, and DBPR is now issuing licenses to breweries with tasting rooms based on the tourism exception.

"We are simply urging the Department to clarify its standards for this specific tourism-related alcohol license via the standard rule-making process," said Rick McAllister, president and CEO of FRF. "The Florida Beverage Council, an entity of FRF, is a leader of the beverage industry and will work alongside the state of Florida in order to achieve fair and appropriate guidelines."

Original Sent 1-12-2015 - On Friday, January 9, the Florida Retail Federation filed a petition for rule-making on behalf of the Retail Beverage Council in order to ensure clear guidelines are established for a specific type of beverage license administered through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. It is a priority of RBC to protect the Florida alcohol licensing system, which is in the best interest of the retailer and consumer. Currently, the state of Florida is issuing licenses to breweries with tasting rooms based on the tourism exception, which was initially created solely for attraction venues and amusement parks, locations that contribute significantly through job creation, tax dollars, and travel spending. We are asking the Department to clarify their requirements for the tourism-related alcohol license based on the changing marketplace.

If you have any questions regarding our position on this issue, please do not hesitate to contact Randy Miller or Samantha Padgett at (850) 222-4082.

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1-8-2015 ABL Update from RBC

ABL Update from RBC

This alert goes out to you weekly with links to information we receive from John Bodnovich, Executive Director of the American Beverage Licensees Association. Due to holidays and end-of-month/year reports, there are more items than usual.

Please click on the links below to access each of the updates:

In addition, because the issue does not appear to be going away and licensees may be faced with it in your state legislatures this year, ABL is sharing a recent NABCA paper on powdered alcohol. It provides a concise overview of the history of the product…and also mentions possible alternative products, e.g., alcohol pills.

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Malt Beverage Tasting

We support off-premise licensed establishments, in conjunction with other tiers, conducting malt beverage tastings. Current law allows wine and spirit tastings at these establishments, but prohibits malt beverage tastings at off-premise licensed establishments.
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