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Basic Tip: Cash register functions like “No Sales”, “Cancels”, “Voids” and/or “Post Voids” should be only conducted by managers or approved by managers. If these transactions are able to be completed by employees, consider having a manager’s signature and/or reason for completion part of the authorization process for those transactions.

Advanced Tip: At the end of the night – all register transactions like cancels, no sales, voids and returns should be accounted for through a reconciliation process (such as store retained receipts compared to a closing day report summary). Any discrepancy should be investigated and reviewed with that “at fault” employee.

Basic Tip: Ensure all parking lot lights are in working condition and all areas of the outside are illuminated at night. Ensure all employees are parking in the same location so no one leaves on their own and if a ride is being waited on at closing – the manager should wait with that employee until the ride is there.

Advanced Tip: Report any suspicious activity in the parking lot/outside area to either mall/center security or law enforcement such as a parked but running vehicle that has been on site for a long time.

Basic Tip: Employee’s personal belongings should be stored away out of plain sight. Lockers with company/store provided locks are the best way to safeguard employee’s personal belongings.

Advanced Tip: No lockers or even no space to install lockers? No problem, try using an emptied shipment box and label it “Christmas Decorations” or “Paperwork”. Place that box in an accessible area of your back/stock room but needs to be at least slightly above eye level. Encourage your employees to use that box to store their personal belongings as it is hidden from plain view. When in doubt – just use a shelf that is out of plain sight as the area for employee’s personal belongings.

Basic Tip: With recent current events, retailers are not immune to being sites of where protest, terrorism or emergencies take place. All retailers can benefit with a Safety Plan that ALL associates know. Things to include in a Safety Plan are: Important Contact numbers (Managers, LP, and Police etc.), outside of store meeting area in the event of an evacuation, and a detailed step by step process on how to properly close the store in the event of an early/emergency closing.