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Wednesday, 25 November 2015 15:56

11-25-2015 - FRF's Weekly Loss Prevention Tips

Basic Tip: “Black Friday” is one of the busiest days of the shopping holiday seasons. To make sure you and your staff are adequately prepared, have a plan that encompasses: Hours of operation, adequate staffing to have complete coverage of full shopping sales floor, important/emergency contact numbers.

Basic Tip: Lower Displays around the the cash register which block the cashier’s view of the selling floor.

Advanced Tip: “Blind Spots” both inside and outside of your store aids in increasing crime, both shoplifting and robbery. To eliminate or reduce blind spots – try the following: For the Outside -Shrubbery, lighting to illuminate all dark areas outside of store/parking lot, CCTV/cameras or posted signs notating the use of security devices. For the inside – removal or lowering of display cases, especially by the cash register, sufficient lighting to allow the outside to see the inside, CCTV/cameras, or a safe with a drop mechanism and/or depositing large bills often.